Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Filming Dates February 2007!

Thursday 8th February 2007!

Bodycombat 32 4:10 PM Studio 1
Bodyattack 57 6:20 PM Studio 1
Bodybalance 37 7:30 PM Studio 1

Monday 12th February 2007!

Bodyvive Mix 03 2:30 PM Studio 1
Bodyjam 41 5:10 PM Studio 1
Bodypump 62 7:20 PM Studio 1
Bodystep 68 8:40 PM Studio 1

No Dates for RPM 35

Thanks to PJ from his Blogger!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

The best of Roberta Flack!

Posted this somewhere else I recently put on this CD and 09 Back together again (remastered edit version) would be an awesome track for Bodyvive as a last track. In fact anything by Roberta, Dionne Warwick would be an awesome addition to any Bodyvive class.

I adore Roberta Flack and Pebo Bryson and their music and her duos with Donny Hathaway.

Her music has been apart of musics landscape for almost the last 50 years. She was wonderful in Bodypump 24 as a track 10.

When you go through her music on her site you remember places and where you were when you heard her music. Born to Love is one of my favorite CD's. "Tonight I Celebrate My Love" is an outstanding single from that release.

Around about 1982 I re-discovered her music with her song "Making Love" that song touched me on so many levels and to this day when I put on that track it still has the same effect. It is from the movie "Making Love" which was a controversial movie back then. Harry Hamlin and Kate Jackson were in the movie. I adore Kate Jackson from (Charlies Angels.) and Jacklyn Smith and Fara Fawcett Majors.

Well Roberta has a new CD all her wonderful songs are now collected in the one place. If you love Roberta Flack then you must have this CD.

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01 Killing me softly with his song

02 Where is the love?
03 Feel like makin' love
04 The first time ever I saw your face
05 And so it goes
06 Tonight, I celebrate my love
07 The closer i get to you
08Till the morning comes
09 Back together again (remastered edit version)
10 Making love
11 Only heaven can wait (for love)
12 Set the night to music
13 You are my heaven
14 Oasis
15 Don't make me wait too long
16 And so it goes (reprise)
17 Trade winds (tom mouton mix)

Check out the wonderful music of Roberta Flack :) I would love it if Jackie would use her music in Bodybalance/Flow.

So if anyone from Les Mills is reading here this CD should be a must in any Bodyvive class :)


Sunday, January 07, 2007

New Idea - Song Suggestions for Bodyvive and other thoughts!

Adding this as a category here on the blogger should be fun to suggest tracks for a program I have never done or seen. I will get a better idea next month at our 1/4 at the new location in the city.

Have a fab location now we get to see views of the city and the skyline which is pretty cool. On the way to the class I pass an all you can eat B&B with everything imaginable to eat there. So will eat a small breakfast there this time before the 1/4.

This time we start at 8:00 am and end sometime like 6:45 pm at night which is close to a 10 hour day. So need plenty of carbs and protein to get through the event.

Should have some pictures of the Bodyvive Masterclass the week after for the site. I am excited about this as this is going to be my third programme.

I think we have the best location now for a 1/4 release here what more can I say I live in one of the best places of all "The Sunshine State" :)

I adore where I live :)

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Lynne Brick - Presenter for Bodyvive Mix 01!

The guys at Les Mills corrected me!

Here is a picture of our international boss Lynne Brick doing BODYVIVE™!

I said it was our Boss Maureen Baker she looks like Maureen. Many applogies for this and to our International Training Manager boss Maureen Baker.

Lynne and her husband Victor own a chain of gyms in the US called Brick Bodies and they also own the Les Mills Mid Atlantic!

I am going to get some photos at the 1/4 in February and post them here as well. :)

© 2007 Les Mills International
© 2007 Les Mills International

Enjoy :)


BODYVIVE™ is heavily featured in this months "Revolution" the official LMAP magazine. Which I got this week. On page 20 & 21 are details of the release and generally what I can expect from BODYVIVE™ when it comes my way. Test Driving the release is the focus on the February 2007 1/4 for BODYVIVE™ it will also be featured at FILEX 2007 in April.

They say that the program is aimed at Babyboomers well I am not in that generation and I can see that BODYVIVE™ can have a broad appeal to everyone. I guess that they are targeting the 45 - 60 age group and the deconditioned participant that might come to the gym for the very first time. I personally think this is a good thing for people that have not exercised ever. This may bring them into the gym gradually and allow them to get their feet wet in the aerobics room which is a good thing.

I am not a baby boomer I am Generation X "Revolution" says that the "Baby boomers have taken Bodypump to the heights of its success. (Revolution page 21 2007.)" I am in Generation X and think that everyone has taken Bodypump to where it is today and Generation Y as well.

Finding the balance will be the success of BODYVIVE™ in 2007 and allowing the program to be accessible by everyone. I am looking forward to seeing how that demographic balance comes out this year. It might be a success across multiple generations also. The issue of getting people back into the gyms and the aerobics floor is the main objective here and offering clients the best exercise for for them as I see it. Many people in the demographic that is being targeted have been leaving the gyms because of the massive cardio demands of modern aerobic programs with MHR's and BPM's taking to a level that is not sustainable by allot of people that enter the aerobics room. I remember one lady coming to Bodypump when we were launching Bodypump 50 at that time she was well into her 70's and she found that Bodypump a real struggle. She stayed for the class and did the lower options and decided that Bodypump was not for her because of the structure of Bodypump.

In saying that I hope that BODYVIVE™ does not go extreme and stays at a base level with some challenging moves and delivering a cardio blast in a short sequence (I will see how I go when I do the program in February.) I will write up more coming close to the time of the classes taking off here and provide my viewpoint of BODYVIVE™ then.

kia ora pipera!


Revolution Magazine Janauary 2007, Les Mills Asia Pacific, Canberra, ACT, Australia

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Bodyvive Mix 01 Sizzler!

Welcome to BODYVIVE. Our new program is set to take its place alongside the other LES MILLS programs as a fitness phenomenon with incredible participant appeal. Pre-launch classes have shown that BODYVIVE offers a distinctive take on the addictive 'exertainment' experience that has popularized our programs throughout the world. Now it's time to bring BODYVIVE experience to life on a global scale - with a debut class that will leave members fizzing with energy and hungry for more. Who better to get the party started than the Bee Gees (were you at that concert in '75?) And who better to get the heart rate pumping than the 'Big O' himself? Oh Pretty Woman was ranked one of the top songs in our trial classes.

The hits keep coming through our first Functional Strength block and members mingle in an interactive Heart Fitness track to the huge bring-back sound of Woman In Love. Earth Wind and Fire's Let's Groove energizes the upper body workout; then cue Sting to introduce the core and restorative work with his dreamy Fields of Gold. The class winds up with the moving Time To Say Goodbye from Sarah Brighman, as members reflect on a job well done and look forward to their next BODYVIVE session.

Many thanks Tigger :)




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